Zach and Jacob EnderDragon

Zachabo53 (left) and Arceus543 (Right) running away from the ender dragon

Username: Zachabo53
AKA: Zach, BlooperDude, Dragontrainer, ZachAttack
Rank: 3rd Founder
Status: Active

Pirate Party

Party on the boat.

Zachabo53 2.0
Zachobo53 3

Zach's Skin

Zach is the third founder on the Server


He like to build and is really good at survival. He prefers it over creative.

The Beginning

In the first map, Zach was mainly in creative, it was when he first got Mine Craft and he decided to build a city in a tree, he called it TreeTop Village. Another of his creations was the Z-Klub, a luxury tower. He then took part of the big house, he is the one that added the third floor and the roof. He also joined every other city, his favorite being Ben's cities.


In the second map, Zach built a lighthouse by the sea to show where his village was. He later left it for a monument though. He then got the idea to make a Camp Half Blood. So he build some cabins that were then destroyed and remade better. He was in the Apollo cabin, he was the only one that actually followed the rules that is has to be like you. Then, Zach decided that he needed a house, so he went back to spawn and found a giant crater made by TNT. There was even a waterfall to cover up his hiding place. He out most of his tools there, this is when Zach went to survival.

The Lighthouse

When Zach first came on the server, he immediately wanted to build a city. He first built a lighthouse along with a small restaurant called The Seaweed Shack. He then built a house for him and made a town rules board. The only problem was that Zach realized that there was not enough room to build a full town for many people to live in, so he left his town a the Lighthouse monument.

Camp Half Blood

After a long time of doing nothing, Zach decided to build camp half blood from the Percy Jackson book series. He started with the hermes cabin but it got torn down and a more organized form of camp was set up. Zach resided in the apollo cabin and watched the camp as the new buildings popped up. Zach helped build many of the other cabins including the armory and a parkour course. Zach also added a portal to the underworld. In the end however, the only other person to join the Apollo cabin was Chickaber.

Mountain Crest

Zach's first house on mountain crest was made out of diamond but got blown up. he then built a house the was hidden in the side of a mountain thanks to pistons, redstone, dirt, and sand. He had many rooms including rooms for, enchanting, brewing, a bedroom, storage, and an easy escape room incase he was under attack.

Detective Zach

Zach Later decided to become a detective and investigated crimes. He searched explosions, floodings, and heists. Most of his cases ended up being Matty12164, but one case was Matty AND Sam. Matty was sent to court but managed to escape through the use of an ender pearl.

Zach's Boats

Zach built three boats on the server, all of which got destroyed. The first boat was in Mountain Crest, and was a small pirate ship that disappeared over night. The next boat was a party boat that survived for about a week until lightning struck it (so Zach thinks). Zach and Matty then built a detective/police boat that survived to the remainder of the server.

The Crater House

After his house in Mountain Crest got raided, Zach took what was left and moved back to spawn to live in his hotel room, only to find the village blown up, including the hotel. So Zach jumped into a pool of water at the bottom and dug into the corner. Zach then set up an enchanting room where he enchanted every bow, swords, pickaxe, axe, and armor piece he found.

Hunger Games

On this server map, Zach was never actually here for the battles, instead Zach just made traps that usually resulted in someone blowing up. There isn't much to tell about his time on this map other than him blowing things up an stopping Matty from destroying the server with blazes.


Although the map didn't work out, Zach had some big plans for this map. He was going to be a trader that lived in the dark kingdom. He would be like a mailman and deliver goods by going through the spooky forest, trying to avoid what lurks within. When he wasn't delivering goods, he would watch over Nick's pet, the enderdragon.


On the tekkit map, also known as the business war, Zach was all survival, he traveled to a far away island known as sheep island, he called it that because of all the Sheep there. He made a house. But then, Matty came, he build machines, destroyed wildlife, and build a tall iron building. Then, Jackson Came, he was good, and bad. He took down the building that Matty made, but he also made craters on purpose. In return, Matty built a force field with the cutter ability, destroying more land.

On the Tekkit business war map, Zach swam down a river and dug a small hole. However, it got nuked.byt Matty. So Zaach decided to build a small shack by the ocean, He then started Zach Enterprices, but was soon approached by JEM co. who said he was on thier land and that he had

EE vs. IC

On the other tekkit map, it was EE VS. IC. Zach chose EE because of Gem armor, Zach also found a mine and turned it into a real looking mine shaft by adding fences that supported the roof.

Vanilla Survival

Zachary did not go on this map.


He has a house in spawn because matty ender-explosived his house.

Return to Vanilla Survival

Far behind everyone else, Zach wandered into the jungle and found a treehouse. He found a sign regarding Mrs. Snoodles and realized it was Nicholas's Jungle House. He lived in the tree house, taking care of Mrs. Snoodles and helping export chicken eggs. He then looked through the chest and realized Nicholas was rich. He pulled out a pickaxe and went to collect more ores. He went into three mines but they were all dry. So Zach looked into the chests and organized them.

There was a chest for:

  • Tools (2)
    • Not hoes
  • Weapons and Armor
  • Torches
  • Ores
    • Coal, iron, gold, diamond, and emerald
  • Wool and leaves (2)
  • Wood (2)
  • Dyes
  • Mob Loot and sticks
  • Redstone
  • Farming Chest
  • Fireworks
  • Stone
    • Smooth, Cobble, and Obsidian (4)
  • Dirt (3)
  • Vines and Leaves
  • Misc.

After the chests were organized, Zach exited the house and looked up on it. The house was easily seen and could be raided. Zach went back into the house and covered it in leaves, in such a manner that it looked natural. He then put torches in boxes and used pistons to cover the light when he went out. He then realized that the house had nothing from the nether. So Zach equipped a pickaxe, some food, a stack of cobble stone, and some ladders. Zach then journeyed back to spawn an went into the nether via Patrick's portal. He arrived in a cobblestone box that had partially been destroyed, it contained some iron armor, and some potions of fire resistance. He mined lots of quarts, nether rack, and glow-stone. When he came back, the portal spawned him in a different portal underground. He mined up and realized he was lost. Freaking out, Zach pressed f3 and learned he was not to far away from the coordinates x:0 z:0. He journeyed there and found stonehenge. He then climbed up a nearby hill and found drumlin. He wandered around until he found the tree house and dropped off his loot. Zach made a book and turned it into a coordinates book and jotted down the tree house so he wouldn't be lost again. He went back to drumlin and wandered on all sides but found no entrance. Since it was surrounded in lava, Zach has to get a bucket of water and pour in on the lava followed by mining a hole in the wall. He tried to find something of value, but was hard because the city was in ruins, He walked into a completely destroyed building and found a crafting table. He took it which revealed a ladder leading down into a small room with two pies and mob loot. Zach's inventory was almost full so he raided the farm and went home. Zach came back once his inventory was cleared out and found Matty's house. He raided it to the ground, stealing emeralds, fireworks, diamonds, iron, and basically anything of value. Zach returned to the tree house and decided to just live there. So Zach created a farm complete with pumpkins, melons, wheat, and cocoa. In the farm was a never ending water source that made.

Vanilla Creative

Zach came on the server and wandered around spawn then going on the train to the wheat field where he jumped out. Poor decision, Zach was still in survival so he had to walk to Grand Central Station which was very far away. So after about a minecraft day and night of walking, he had finally found the station where he was turned to creative. He then teleported to Ann's brother who was in survival. After that, Zach flew around and found the Hidden Village, where he investigated a murder scene.


  • Like Patrick, Zachabo53 loves snow golems.
  • Zach has a strange addiction to sheep and tends to dye them different colors.
  • Zach's signature block is a block of quartz.