Username: weltinator2
AKA: Patrick, Welt, Argentum, Pachikk
Rank: Player
Status: Frequent

Drawing of Weltinator2

Drawing of Weltinator2 decked out in his Hexxit gear.

Patrick's New New Skin

Patrick's newest skin.

Weltinator2 is a friend of Stick_of_Magic and was one of the later players to join the original server. (This was due to the fact that he was broke, and had to save for a while to get Minecraft.) He has played on the Creative, Hunger Games, Kingdoms, Tekkit, Vanilla Survival, and Voltz maps. He was unable to play on the Tekkit map due to his tinkering with controls causing his Tekkit to no longer work. He invited 17454538 and peanutandlime on.


He built a Menger Sponge out of wool and later a nether tank. He owned a small castle in Blake's Sky Kingdom, and was the cook on Arceus543's sky pirate ship. He defeated chickaber and matty12164 in a small PVP arena, and attempted to play survival for a while, but after being griefed went back to Creative. He helped build Camp Half-Blood, specifically the Hermes, Hephaestus, Hades, Hecate, and Iris Cabins, along with the Big House and the forge. He also discovered an Abandoned Mineshaft under Camp Half-Blood, proclaiming, "I've found the Labyrinth!". He later helped Jennycostantino, Matty12164, and Zachabo53 to turn an entire plains biome into the Nether.

Hunger Games

He was the first to die in the first Hunger Games. He was killed by Shadowfire5. Before the game started, when everyone was saying what character from the Hunger Games book they were, he said, "I'm the guy from District 9!". This refers to the first person to die in the 74th Hunger Games. He was killed by a throwing knife to the back. Though this was meant to be a joke on Patrick's horrible PVP skills, it was rather fitting as Shadowfire5 killed him from behind with a sword. Later, while in the observation box, he was "Slain by Katniss Everdeen", though this was in fact a prank using the /me command.


He did not play much on this map, as it was largely abandoned. However, he had plans to be the Emerald Keeper, a mysterious gem that combines the powers of lightning, the End, the Nether, and the Void, all in one.


He was unable to play on the Tekkit map, due to his tinkering with controls causing his Tekkit to no longer work. He did successfully connect using Sam's computer, but only actually played using this method twice, as he lives too far away from Sam for this to be practical.

Vanilla Survival

He was one of the first players to join the survival map. He built a small wooden shack with a large storage cave and mine underneath. He became very rich, with 35 diamonds, and had a nether portal, an enchantment table, and sugar cane, wheat, cocoa bean, potato, carrot, melon, and pumpkin farms. He also had 3 dogs and 2 snow golem DJs named Billy and Benny. He even found a Stronghold while strip mining for diamonds. However, due to his location very near spawn, he was repeatedly robbed and griefed, so he packed up and moved in with Nicholas and Bennett. He was accepted as the Apprentice Mage of Stick of Magic, but after being chased into an unloaded chunk by Matty12164, his Minecraft crashed, and has fallen into the void every time he tries to relog.


When he first started out, he ran away to a swamp where he began building his Mushroom Army. He built a small hut and did a lot of mining. He found a jungle temple, a zombie spawner, and an abandoned mineshaft. He was later approached by Matty12164, who suggested an alliance. Patrick helped him move the remainder of his machines and items out of the cave and into Jennycostantino and Matty12164's new base. They were followed by Melodicmeerkat who tentatively agreed to an alliance. It seems that Patrick will be permanently moving in with Sam and Matty. He also discovered the location of Velocentric's house on the way to the new base. He later went on a quest to find leather (assigned by Matty) and discovered Peter's house in a jungle. He checked it out, and discovered the chests were full of full stacks of very high tier items (including nukes and diamond blocks). He also had several illegal antimatter and red matter missiles. He then gave Matty the coordinates, and proceeded to cover the house in nukes and hypersonic explosives found in the house. Matty (for once being the responsible one) got rid of all the bombs, and instead set the house and the tree it was in on fire. They then fled the scene. Peter was extremely angry about this, and had Ann teleport him to Matty, who was inside the secret base. Matty killed him, but not before he fired a rejuvenation missile, destroying much of Sam, Matty, and Patrick's stuff. They then salvaged what they could and moved into a new base. For a while, Patrick went back to his hut in Shroomia, and did a lot of mining. He then moved into the new base. They are very close to being one of the great economic powers on the server.

After Stick_of_Magic declared that everyone should "Reduce the server to bedrock!", Patrick went to Matty's secret stash of weaponry, grabbed a whole lot of bombs, and left to wreak havoc. A nuke in the base eradicated any evidence he may have left, but just to be sure, 17 Hypersonic Explosives eradicated the biome the base was in. He then unleashed Ender, Thermobaric, Exothermic, Endothermic, and Anti-Gravitational explosives on the desert village near the base. He then continued on a path of destruction, leaving craters, fire, lava, endermen, and radiation in his wake, until he reached spawn. There is now a large, flaming, radioactive hole in Ann's garden.

Return to Vanilla Survival

He was recently able to escape the world hole, and lag had reduced enough that he was able to actually control his boat. However, a foolish squid smashed into his boat, breaking it, and forcing him to swim the rest of the way. He finally got back to Ann's Alchemist Tower where he found she and Drumlin had greatly expanded while he was gone. He took a look around, organizing chests, repairing creeper damage, and harvesting crops. He is still there and plans to continue as Stick of Magic's apprentice mage. He recently had an accident after trying to brew a potion without supervision from his master mage, Ann, and it blew up in his face, literally. He was turned into a puddle of purple goo. Luckily, Ann showed up and quickly enchanted a hoodie that would allow him to stay in a vaguely human form. So, I guess he's a weird slime-human hybrid now...

The Many Transformations of the Weltinator

In the beginning, he was a normal player, with a bit of Enderman DNA mixed in (don't ask). After coming into contact with silver, it reacted violently with his Ender DNA, and he went insane, attempting to kill his friends. After being purged of the silver, he realized he knew a lot less about magic then he thought, and decided to greatly expand his studies. While on a magic-based server, he got into an argument with an inebriated Earth Mage who attempted to turn him to stone. Thankfully, it only partially worked, and Weltinator was turned into a stone golem. He was later turned back into a human after he figured out how to use a Minium Stone. Much later, he was studying potions with Stick_of_Magic, and attempted to brew a slimeball with an ender pearl. It exploded, turning him into a puddle of purple slime. Thankfully, Stick_of_Magic found him soon after, and quickly enchanted a hoodie that would allow him to keep a solid form. He also had 17454538 design a headset that would allow him to speak English. He was eventually able to take on a solid form again as the effects of the potion slowly evaporated, but was promptly pushed into Blake's "Steampunkerizer", causing him to believe he was a 17th century rich kid who liked to build robots. This has led some to the conclusion that Blake may be evil. Weltinator was recently returned to nearly his normal form by Bent using a DNA machine made by Sparkierjules. However, they used a little too much Enderman DNA, and a bucket of bleach somehow ended up in the mix. So...pretty much a failure. Although Weltinator now looks awesome! He has recently decided to stop hiding his secret and reveal his true Ender form, which is his current skin.


  • He has recently undergone a revelation: you can be whatever you want in Minecraft. He now wants to make his own skin, get his own area of expertise (everything), and stop stealing elements of his backstory form the Blackrock Chronicles.
  • He hates skeletons, because of their ranged attack and movement sound.
  • It is extremely unwise to expose Weltinator2 to silver...
  • It has been theorized by Jennycostantino and Matty12164 that Jeb is Patrick's uncle, as he always seems to know what's in the next Minecraft update weeks before it comes out.
  • He prefers mining and fighting monsters to building cool stuff. Usually when he tries to build something cool, he fails epically.
  • Thanks to his experimenting with magic and technology, he has at one time or another been a psychotic silver-skinned killer, a sentient rock, a Rythian clone, a humanoid slime, a redstone-obsessed Steampunk, and a bleached Enderman.