The Nether is a fiery dimension full of lava and monsters. The players on EAMAFAD have had many adventures in the Nether.
The nether

Common Nether Hellscape


Weltinator2 and EAMAFAD worked together to build the Greek Underworld. Weltinator2 built the River Styx and Judgement Pavilion, while EAMAFAD worked on Hades' Castle. They both contributed to the Fields of Punishment. Weltinator2 and Zachabo53 later played Hide and Seek in a Nether Fortress.

Hunger GamesEdit

Matty12164 felt the games were getting too boring, so he created a rift to the Nether which released Blazes, Ghasts, and Zombie Pigmen.


The Dark Kingdom had several Nether portals.



Weltinator2 and Stick of Magic both successfully built Nether portals. There was a third Nether portal on an island near Magic Island, but it is unknown who built it. Weltinator2 and Stick of Magic both went to the Nether, and it is unknown if anyone else has. Weltinator2 killed several Ghasts and harvested large amounts of nether wart, while Stick of Magic successfully retrieved large amounts of blaze rods, glowstone, and quartz. Currently Zach is trapped there.