By Sam Costantino

Info (Read First) Edit

  • Each chapter has a name following the chapter number. This name refers to the person narrating the chapter.

Prologue Edit

Wesspharos Map v2

The Silvan Forest and the Verdirean Woods, both found in the country of Wesspharos, are home to many towns. Wesspharos is east of the Eradian Mountain Range and the Ariddian Desert and west of the ocean of Wriss, and is known for its many guilds. Each guild, as you might expect, has a specific focus. For example, BuildCraft members are often employed to construct buildings and houses, due to their intense focus on the subject. The Voltz guild powers entire towns through the use of conduits and redstone energy. There are even magic guilds like Witchery and Blood Magic (a reknown dark magic guild). One specific guild, located in town of Elwood, is known as Beastiá Mutãtio. This guild name translates directly from the ancient language of the elders into "transformation of the beast". This guild is very popular among kids, however very few can make it past the fifth level, and even less pass level six. Four kids are about to make one very important choice.

Chapter 1 - Sam Edit

Today is Saturday, July 5th, unofficially known as "Decision Day" - the day where all of the town's 16-year-olds pick a guild to start training in, and I'm pretty set on joining Beastiá Mutãtio. I've heard it is very difficult to get through, but very rewarding.

"Sam, are you dressed yet!?!" my mom's voice came bounding up the stairs. "Almost! I'll be done in a minute," I replied as calmly as possible for what felt like the hundredth time. I quickly changed and went downstairs to find a stack of pancakes waiting for me. "I wanted to make sure you were full before you left," she explained. After I had said goodbye, she told wished me good luck.

"You are ready to choose Beastiá Mutãtio. I believe in you," she said.

"Thanks, mom," I replied. Then, I began the walk from my house to the town center.

Chapter 2 - Patrick Edit

When I reached the town center, I found the front desk where I filled out a form and was told to go through the door on the left. I came out into an auditorium and found my friend Blake. I met Blake in preschool and we've been friends ever since then. We've spent a lot of time together. When we first learned about the different guilds, I always had my heart set on Beastiá Mutãtio. I liked to pretend I had mob powers at recess, but Blake never liked that game. While I wanted to join Beastiá Mutãtio, I couldn't convince him to join with me. He wants to follow in his father's footsteps and join the Redstoners guild. He even had a silver chain with a redstone pendant that he wore all the time. Considering that he's been surrounded by command blocks for most of his life, I can see why he'd want to.

"Hey!" I shouted, trying to get Blake's attention. "Hi, Patrick!" he replied, "Happy Decision Day!" I nervously walked toward Blake and took a seat next to him. "Thanks, you too..." I said. We chatted for a while before the overhead lights went dark and a spotlight appear onstage. The whole room quieted.

Chapter 3 - Zach Edit

A man came on stage with a microphone. "Happy Decision Day! I would like to welcome everyone here - especially all of our 16-year-olds," he began. "My name is Edmund, and I'm part of the entertainment guild, Hospitium." He continued to tell us about the tradition of Decision Day and how we would join a guild. We were supposed to come onstage and pick a guild. Edmund would draw blood from a finger on our dominant hand. The guild's symbol would then appear on our wrist.

When Edmund said that, I remembered the hammer and saw on my dad's left wrist - the symbol of the carpenter's guild. I was hoping to see the symbol of Beastiá Mutãtio on my wrist soon.

The announcer began to call names. A boy named Blake joined the Redstoners; a girl named Rachel joined Cosmetica; When my name was called, I picked a guild that had seemed most interesting: Beastiá Mutãtio. I could remember all of the comics my dad used to get me, with all of the super heroes, each one with a special ability, and from what I had heard, Beastiá Mutãtio was the guild that would make those memories a reality. As the guild symbol began to appear on my arm, the faint lines became the image of a half beast/half man. A few kids had already joined Beastiá Mutãtio. I didn't know anyone in the guild, so I introduced myself to some of the kids that had chosen before me. There were two boys there, who said their names were Sam and Patrick

Chapter 4 - Ann Edit

I had just picked Beastiá Mutãtio and the ceremony was almost over. It was Saturday, and I couldn't wait to visit the Guild House, where we would begin our training. We were supposed to sit with our guild after we made our Decision, and as I was finding my seat, I saw three inductees talking. "Hi," I said as I took a seat next to them, "my name is Ann." The boy farthest away introduced them. "Hey, my name is Sam. This is Zach," he replied, pointing to the kid next to him, "and this is Patrick." We talked a little and became pretty good friends.

By the end of the ceremony, a few more people had joined. After I had said goodbye to my new friends, I headed home. On the way, I day-dreamt of the Guild House: filled with amazing artifacts, beautiful art, and a gigantic library!

Monday had finally arrived. The day we were going to the Guild House for the first time. I woke up at 5:30 to make sure that I was on time. I had heard that people were thrown out for being late on the first day. When I arrived in front of the Guild House, I found Patrick, Zach, and Sam, and we talked a bit until we heard a strong voice asking for our attention at the front doors.

Chapter 5 - Sam Edit

"ATTENTION! Can I get your attention, please?" he shouted. He was a little over six feet tall and was wearing black clothes with green designs. He had an explosive voice. "Thank you, and welcome to the Beastiá Mutãtio Guild House. My name is John. Here you will begin to learn, train, and level up as you capture the skills of the mob you choose.

"If you will follow me, I will be showing you the Guild House," he said. We walked through the lobby and down a hallway where we stopped to see the bedrooms and the common room. At the end of the hall we went down a flight of stairs and reached what is known as the "Black Room".

"Welcome to the Black Room," he started, "where you will take a test to find out which mob you are going to master. It creates a simulation for you to test in, and many of you will train in the Black Room in the future." A few kids went before me. "Sam, you're up," I heard and began to walk towards the door.

I nervously stepped into the room where I was told to stand still. The Black Room began to fade around me, and new chunks started generating out of the void. When the world was finished, I heard a voice, "Choose your weapons." A chest appeared in front of me, and I opened it. Inside, it was split into sections that I assumed were different mob powers. Nothing really interested me, until I saw automatic TNT, invisibility potions, and an iron sword. I picked those weapons and heard the voice again, "Weapons locked." The world turned to night and mobs began to appear. I drank an invisibility potion and quietly took out the skeletons before any of the mobs noticed me. After a few minutes of melee with my sword and TNT, I had cleared out the area.

Chapter 6 - Patrick Edit

The Black Room began to expand and blocks were generating everywhere as an unfamiliar terrain built around me. It was pretty hilly, and there was a river a few blocks away. "Choose your weapons," a voice said. I tried to identify my location, but I got distracted by the chest in front of me. Inside, it was split into sections. I chose the section with ender pearls, a strength potion, and an iron sword. I heard the voice again, "Weapons locked." The sun quickly set and it became night. Many mobs began to spawn. I drank my strength potion and I threw an ender pearl towards a group of zombies. I brought them towards a couple skeletons and teleported away. They began to fight each other while I teleported around. I was able to use this tactic for a while, starting fights between the mobs and then taking some of the out.

Eventually I was down to my last pearl and the mobs seemed to keep multiplying. They had stopped fighting and were coming towards me. My sword was broken and there was nowhere left to go, so I did the first thing that came to my mind: I swallowed the ender pearl. I started feeling dizzy, but trying to keep my eyes open, I felt my body begin to grow and pull in new directions. I was now about twelve feet tall, towering over the mobs. Look behind me, I saw a pair of dark purple wings attached to my back. I had become and ender dragon. I lifted off the ground and began attacking the mobs, taking them out in large groups, swooping over them and smashing them with my claws. By the time they were all gone, I started to feel dizzy and exhausted. My wings were failing me, so I glided to the ground as smoothly as possible but landed with a harsh thump. As the terrain began to fade away, I blacked out.

I woke up in a hospital when Sam walked in, "Welcome back."

"Hey, Sam, where am I?" I asked quietly.

"You're in the - whoa, dude, you have purple eyes!" he exclaimed.



"What's wrong? Do you think it's because I picked the Enderman as my mob?" I asked.

"No, I met a kid older than us who picked Enderman, and his eyes are normal."

"Oh... Well, I did eat an Ender Pearl and-"

"You did what!?! Do you know how dangerous that could be? I mean, I know it was a simulation but sill that could technically have been more damaging and what if your eyes have some disease now that will spread to the rest of your body what are we going to do we need to get help and medicine THIS KID HAS CANC-"



"What mob did you pick?" I asked. Sam told me that he had picked creeper, Zach picked bat, and Ann picked wither.

Chapter 7 - AnnEdit

I was going to visit the hospital because Sam told me Patrick had woken up. When I got there, I asked Patrick about his eyes. "Are they really purple?" I asked timidly. He looked up and nodded. "Awesome!" I said, "I wish I had purple eyes." I asked him if he had heard that I picked Wither. "Yeah, what was your simulation like?" I told him what had happened.

After I picked the wither weapons (strength potion, potion of jumping, a stone sword with nausea effect, and a bow with arrows), the mobs began to appear all around me. I drank my potions and began to fight off the mobs, shooting arrows and meleeing nearby monsters, leaping away from attacks and skeleton arrows. After a few minutes, I had gotten rid of all the mobs. "..and that was it!" I finished, "I was pretty surprised to hear that you blacked out after your simulation."

"Hey guys," Zach greeted us as he walked in the room. "I guess you heard about my eyes," Patrick said. "Yep" he replied.

Patrick stayed in the hospital room for one more day before being released, but there was nothing they could do for his eyes. He was released on Wednesday morning, July 9th, a few hours before we started training. For our first class, all the new members would be together, but the second day we would split up and I would train with the other people that had picked my mob. Unfortunately for me, I was the only one in my class. I was to train with the last person alive to have chosen Wither powers. He looked about 25.

Chapter 8 - Zach Edit

There were only two other people in my class.

"Welcome to your training," the instructor began, "my name is Nicholas and I will be your training instructor." He told us that he was on Level 6 in his bat training, the highest level you can be. He even turned into a bat for us and flew around the room. "Becoming an animal is a power you can only get at level 6," he explained, "we will start by training for Level 1: Enhanced hearing." Nicholas said that at the beginning of every class, we would click small things together and try to hear the sound. That exercise would help gradually enhance our hearing. We were also supposed to have an Enhancement Potion once a day. The effect would only be temporary, but if we focused on our hearing, it would eventually enhance it permanently. After our hearing was enhanced, we would work on blocking out sound and choosing when to use our super hearing.

When it was time for lunch, I found Ann, Patrick, and Sam. "What did you guys work on?" was my first question. "My teacher talked about the 'art of passing unseen,'" Sam started, "and that before becoming invisible, we were going to learn how to hide ourselves in plain sight." Sam said that as a creeper, he didn't actually become invisible. He explained that they just mastered the art of going unseen so well that they were rendered as invisible. Apparently special training allowed you to avoid being seen, even by radar.

Patrick said that his wasn't as interesting, and that they just worked on Block Dislocation, or picking up blocks without having to break them.

Finally, Ann told us that she was the only one in her class. All they worked on was jumping. "Why did you pick Wither?" I asked. She said that she had once read a very interesting book about Withers, and that since then she had been very interested in them.

Chapter 9 - Sam Edit

After a few weeks had gone by, it came time for the Level 1 Test. For me, that would be testing my ability to hide. I wasn't quite sure what that meant, but I was soon informed that I was supposed to sneak up behind a simulated player and set a trap behind him. I was also tested on my ability to be quiet.

When the Black Room had transformed into a new terrain, I noticed that there were only three trees: not very good cover.

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and visualized myself in my head. I tried to visualize myself disappearing, just as we learned. Then the player spawned. As he turned towards me, I hid behind a small hill, quietly making my way around the player. He started to cut down the tree. I quietly dug a 2 by 2 hole behind him. I climbed up the tree and tapped him on the shoulder. I grabbed the branch just above his head and flipped over him, landing a kick right on his back. He landed in the hole and I covered it up and was done.

I was officially a Level 1 creeper. Soon I would know how to become fully invisible. However, our instructor explained that it is as if our invisibility has a recharge. If we're invisible for too long, we start to feel tired. The longer it goes, the worse I feel. One could even pass out in an attempt to stay invisible for too long.

Next I would learn to be blast resistant.

Soon I would be able to snap and created a small explosion on my fingertips!

Chapter 10 - Patrick Edit

I was finally a Level 3 Enderman: I could successfully get into The Warp and come out. However, teleporting required moving within The Warp, which would take two levels.

"Patrick," my instructor called for me as I passed his classroom.


"Could I see you?" he asked.

"Sure - what's up?"

"Every guild member has the ability to reach a 6th Level," he explained.

"So I've heard."

"For you that would be the ability to turn yourself into small Ender Dragon." he continued.

"Oh," I said, remembering my simulation. My teacher asked if I was willing to consider it. "Yeah, I'll think about it," I said. He even offered to teach me separately since I was doing so well. "Maybe you'll finish your 6th Level when your friends finish their 5th." Yeah, maybe...

When I got to lunch, everyone was already eating. "Patrick, I saved you a seat," Sam called out to me amidst a crowded guild cafeteria. "Thanks guys. Hey, so my professor was asking me if I would consider the 6th Level of my training: transforming into a smaller form of the Ender Dragon. He even offered to teach me separately because I'm doing so well." Sam thought that I should try it because "it would be totally awesome". So I decided to go for it! Wish me luck...

Chapter 11 - STATUS UPDATE Edit

Almost six months had passed and Ann, Sam, and Zach had all finished five levels. Patrick, however, had just finished his 6th Level and has the ability to turn into a smaller version of the Ender Dragon. Although it is a very exhausting ability, it could be very useful in a tight situation. Ann, Sam and Zach were all now working on their sixth level. For Zach, that meant become a bat. However, Ann and Sam's weren't transformation abilities. Ann's sixth level gave her the ability to put a nausea effect on any living thing. Sam's sixth level is the ability to send explosions in a certain direction. When they all finished leveling up, they decided to join a basic fighting class that taught melee and hand-to-hand combat. In their free time, Ann dabbled in potion brewing. Patrick did a lot of reading in the guild library. Zach and Sam did a bit of practice in archery together.

When the group had finished training, they formed a Guild Team...

Chapter 12 - Ann Edit

All four of us decided to sign up as a Guild Team. Sam, Zach, Patrick, and myself fill out a few forms and were given our own house in what is known as the guild's civitã. A lady showed us around our new house and showed us where all of our rooms were, as well as the guest bedroom. The place was actually quite large. With two stories and a basement. The bedrooms were upstairs as well as a few bathrooms. On the ground level, there was a kitchen with an adjoining dining room. There was also a living room and another bathroom. Downstairs there was a large office room with room for four, as well as some storage. The guest bedroom was downstairs too.

After we all moved in and were given keys, we visited the Guild Shop, where we bought a couple stone swords and a few daggers. Also, I bought a magic backpack that was bigger on the inside. Its interior was 5x its size. The best part is that it also has a weight lifting charm, making it easy to use with my wither jumping skills. It only uses basics spells but it seemed very useful so I paid the 210 coin for it and we were on our way.

The next stop was the Task Board. There were a few good jobs worth a lot of coin(ç):

  • Stolen Goods, Need Retrieving, 2000ç (Visit Normdric on the Island of Latos)
  • Lost Person, Help Needed, 6500ç (See Brooke at the Inn, North of the Elwood Town Center)
  • Stolen Item, Please Retrieve, 3500ç (Visit Bryan at the Burly Butcher in the west side of Elwood)
  • Difficult Task, Very Dangerous, 25000ç (Find the Owner of Carved Pumpkin, Nick, in Deep Rose City)

"25,000 coin!" Sam exclaimed, "I think we should do it!"

"Try not to exploded, geez..." Patrick said.

"Yeah," Zach added, "there's probably a reason no one has chosen it. Just read the date."

Sam look a bit closer: "Posted September 14, 2013".

"Yeah," I added, "we should probably tackle an easier task before we try anything too difficult."

After agreeing on visiting Bryan on the west side of Elwood, we stopped by our house to load up my new backpack with some useful supplies and made our way across town.

Chapter 13 - Sam Edit

It was around one in the afternoon and we decided to stop at Cathy's for some lunch. Everything cost about 50ç, which left us with about 240ç between the four of us. We really needed to finish this job. We walked down a few more blocks until we found the Burly Butcher, where Bryan presumably worked. We walked in and were greeted by the smell of fresh meat. A tall man standing behind a counter welcomed us in a warm Irish accent.

"Hello!" he said, inviting us to come in. "What can I do you fer today?"

"Actually we're here on business from the Beastiá Mutãtio guild," Ann informed him.

"Yeah," Zach added, "we're looking for Bryan. Does he work here?"

"Well I'll be damned, that's me chap!" he exclaimed, "I believe you're here about me missin' thing, then?"

"Yes, sir," Patrick responded. "Could you tell us what happened?"

"Sure," he said, "so you see, one mornin', about a week ago, a young boy came in askin' fer some pork to buy fer his family. He showed me that he had 50ç and I told him that he could get two an' a half pounds for that price. Before I cut his meat, I took off me wedding' ring and set it on the counter. Then I took a pig off the drying rack an' laid it out in front of 'im. I cut it into slices and measured two an' a half pounds on the scale. After baggin' it, I handed the meat to the boy an' took his 50ç. Whilst I was cleanin', I noticed my ring went missin'. I searched left, right an' center fer it but couldn't find it anywhere. I figure that kid stole it!"

"Can you describe the boy?" I asked.

"Yeah, he said his name was Liam Westley," Bryan replied, "but when I looked up his name in the town registry, there wasn't no such person. He was wearin' a pair of jeans with ripped knees and a dark green t-shirt. He 'ad a baseball cap with a crossed swords symbol."

"Is there any other information you can give us?" Ann insisted.

"Sorry, that's all I can tell you," he responded.

"Okay, we'll go look for the boy. If we don't find anything in three days we'll come back to you," Zach stated.

"Thanks an' good luck!" Bryan shouted as we walk out of the shop.

Chapter 14 - Patrick Edit

It was around dinner time when we left the shop, so we walked around town for half an hour looking for somewhere to eat. We finally stopped at Leo's Pizzeria, one of my favorite restaurants that I used to go to with Blake. We ordered a large pizza for 23ç and sat at a table outside. Waiting for our food, we discussed what we would have to do to find this Liam kid.

"We don't really have much to go off of," Ann pointed out. "We have no idea where this boy lives or what his real name is."

"Yeah, he could be at the beach by now," I added.

Our food arrived and we all began to eat, everyone still pondering what we would do about Liam. We decided that there wasn't much we could do besides make an agenda.

"Okay, so I figure that we should check some nearby pawn shops," Sam started, laying out a plan, "I say we send two people to do that, while the other two search around the city and see if you can find this boy."

"Ann, I think you and I should do the searching. What do you think?" Zach asked.

"That sounds good," she replied. "We can get a pretty good view point of the whole city."

"Yes. I really wanted to talk to shop owners for three days," I said, with a sarcastic expression on my face, "The excitement is unreal."

"It'll be fine," Sam argued, "We don't have to look the entire time. How's this? You and I'll check a few stores after dinner and we'll head home at around seven. Ann and Zach, be back at the house around eight."

We all agreed to that plan and with that paid for dinner and left.

Chapter 15 - Zach Edit

Ann and I parted ways with Patrick and Sam, and headed for the town square to begin our search.

"Follow me," Ann said when we got to the square. She brought me to an alley between an apartment building and a shop. She jumped two floors up onto a fire escape. I leapt into the air and transformed into my bat form. I flew up passed her as she jumped from the fire escape to the roof of the store and then to the roof of the apartment building. Landing next to her, I transformed back into myself and stood next to her. I used to live in an apartment building in the southern part of Elwood, just like the one we were standing on. I thought about my family, my two sisters, who would get to choose their guild in a few years. I considered visiting my parents after this job was done. Maybe flying through their window as a bat and transforming right in front of them. If only my mom wouldn't try to kill me with a broom first.

"That... that was amazing!" I shouted.

"I know," she responded.

"Okay now we need to look for Liam. I think the most important thing to look for is his hat," I said while Ann pulled two pairs of binoculars out of her backpack.

"Here you go," she said as she handed one to me.

"Oh, thanks."

"I think I'll jump around the city and look for Liam on the streets while you fly below me. Can you keep those binoculars with you when you transform?"

"Yeah, our teacher said that the transformation occurs as if our body is being replaced by the body of the bat. My body and every inanimate object touching my body will be 'preserved' while I'm a bat," I explained.

"Great, let's go then," Ann said as she jumped to the next building.

Chapter 16 - Sam Edit

It was almost 6:45 and we had visited more than a few shops, all of which told us no boy with a crossed swords baseball cap tried to sell them a ring. We walked down the street, passing the post office I used to go to with my dad to send mail to his brother during the holidays. His brother is part of a small guild called Archaeological. A few members including himself moved out to a job site in the Ariddian Desert to uncover an ancient building or something.

We walked up to Mr. Aurelius's Pawn and pushed the door open. The door bell jingled as Patrick and I stepped into the poorly lit room. The room was quite large, but there was almost no room to move. Every surface was covered in little trinkets or lamps or jewelry. There was also furniture throughout the room, practically unnoticeable beneath the layers of junk. All the windows were cover with tapestries and carpets, and what light did make it through the room only highlighted the dust floating in the air. There at the back of the room was a desk, nonetheless covered in items, but with a lamp and a scale. A short man walked out of the back room at the sound of door jingle.

"Hello," he said, "and welcome to my pawn shop, I'm Mr. Aurelius. If you were wondering, everything in the room's for sale, but if you're looking to sell your own goods, just let me know."

"Actually, we're here with a few questions. You aren't in trouble or anything, we're just looking for someone that may have sold you something," I explained as I made my way towards the desk.

"Who might that be?" Mr. Aurelius asked.

"We don't know his name, but he's a young boy who would've come in, sometime within the last week, to sell you a ring," Patrick said.

"He might've had been wearing a baseball cap with crossed swords on it," I added.

"Oh, there was a boy that came in and tried to sell me a wedding ring," he replied. "Unfortunately I'm not allowed to buy from kids so I had to turn him down."

"And you didn't get his name?" Patrick asked in anticipation.

"No sorry," he said, shaking his head. "Feel free to look around the shop though. If you need me, I'll be in the back, just give me a shout... Noise is about the only thing that can easily make its way across the room." He chuckled and left us alone.

Chapter 17 - Ann Edit

By 8:30, we hadn't found anyone who fit the description. We kept looking, jumping from roof to roof, and using our binoculars to look for Liam. When we reached the outdoor market, I surveyed the streets from above, while Zach flew down to look under the awnings. I watched him fly from tent to tent through my binoculars until right when I moved them, I saw a boy quickly grab an apple from one of the stands as he ducked into an alleyway across the street. He was facing away from me, so I jumped over the market to the building across the street. I looked down right as he jumped down a manhole, on catching a glimpse of the crossed swords on his hat.

"Zach," I said quietly, knowing he could he me. He met me at the top of the build in his human form.

"Did you see him?" he asked.

I nodded. "He went underground," I explained gesturing to the manhole cover.

"Great!" he said and began to jump off the edge but I quickly caught his shirt, holding him back. "What are you doing?" he complained.

"You don't really think we should go down there, do you?" I asked.

"Yes. Yes I do," he replied. "Get out some paper and something to write with." He said jumping off the edge. I instinctively rushed to look over the edge but saw that he had transformed into a bat and was flying down. I jumped down after him and quickly pulled out my journal and my pencil. Zach told me to write down every turn we make. It was pretty dark but the few lights on the walls provided enough light for me to write, and the rushing water next to the platform I stood on was enough quiet my footsteps, given I'm already light on my feet. Zach flew ahead of me, listening for Liam and I followed, remembering to mark each turn we made.

Chapter 18 - Patrick Edit

"There is no way they can be taking this long," I said, passing around the kitchen.

"They'll be fine," Sam responded.

"It's almost 9:45," I said frantically. "They said 9:00 and its 9:45."

"Okay look, Zach and Ann are really strong, and they work well together. They probably found a clue as to where this kid might be."

"I know, but how can they be an hour late?" I asked.

"It's been barely 30 minutes after 9:00. You have to stop worrying." Sam said encouragingly.

"We need to look for them."

"No we don't."

Yeah, we do!"

"Patrick! Calm down. Okay, lets give them ten more minutes, then we can look for them."

After a couple minutes of silence, I stood up. "Okay I'm going. I have to. I can't wait around here if they're in trouble," I explained. Sam gave up and just gave me a nod. I walked towards the door, and before I could grab the doorknob, the door was flung open and I hit me in the face, sending me crashing to the ground. Before I blacked out I saw Ann and Zach kneeling in front of me.