The Lost Jungle Temple was discovered by Gladrian. It is located in the Mysterious Jungle, near the swamp. It was raided by Gladrian, who then set up a small base inside it.


Gladrian discovered the Lost Temple when he was... ermm... lost uhh I mean.... wandering around through the jungle knowing exactly where he was. Okay fine, he was dreadfully lost...

Anyway, Gladrian looted the Temple of its diamonds, other loot, and chiseled stone bricks (his favorite block in Minecraft). He realized that he was lost, so each day, he went out of the Temple to search for familiar landmarks. He found none, and always rendezvoused back at the Temple. After fruitlessly searching for hours (several MC days), he explored the caves below the Temple and found iron and redstone to make a compass. He was able to follow the compass back home, and he has not returned since.

Geography and WildlifeEdit

The Temple was located along the side of the Mysterious Jungle right on the riverbank. The area contained many species of green things known as "Trees." Cows, sheep, and chickens were also seen. No ocelots were native to the Jungle.


The temple was rediscovered by Weltinator2 on the Voltz map, who raided it and set up a small base there.