Gladrian tames Mrs. Snoodles

Mrs. Snoodles was Gladrian's cat on the Vanilla Survival Map.


Mrs. Snoodles was found by Gladrian as a wild ocelot in a jungle south of Spawn (not the one he was lost in). He had searched far and wide to find a cat for himself, and finally, he found the cat-to-be Mrs. Snoodles. She proved difficult to catch, but was eventually cornered and tamed. Unfortunately for Gladrian and his new cat, it was it the middle of the night when this was done. Mrs. Snoodles and Gladrian made a daring escape across a narrow strait that connected the jungle to the same continent as Spawn. They had to fight and swim their way through, and returned to Gladrian's home as dawn broke.


Until the rise of Voltz, Mrs. Snoodles relaxed at the Treehouse and guarded the 3rd Tree from chicken raids (there were seeds up there) and creepers. She also managed to secure the position of Foreign Exports Manager, but seeing that the chickens in the 2nd Tree kept falling off, she was never able to act on her title.
Mrs. Snoodles

What Mrs. Snoodles looked like.

Return to Vanilla SurvivalEdit

When Zach made his grand appearance on return to vanilla survival, he wandered over to the treehouse and took care of Mrs. Snoodles with his fishing rod