Three years ago, a war started across the nation, cities were wiped from the map. My city, Metropolis, survived. Since then, I have been clearing out cities to expand our city.

Chapter 1Edit

I woke up today and immediately head to the train station for my job. I was a member of the TNT faction, a group of people that went to abandoned cities and blew them up. On the way, I ran into Patrick, one of my coworkers who was an engineer. I asked him if he knew what the job today was, and he just said it was something big. So we continued to the station, until we ran into the boss.

"You're late!" the boss shouted.

"We're early actually." Zach replied, looking at his watch.

"Whatever. We found a city left over from the war that we need supplies from. So hurry up, the others are already on the train!" he explained.

Patrick and I boarded the train and sat next to Matty, a pyrotechnic. Matty was one of the best on the team, he always went first and planted tons of TNT before the others went in. Patrick found info on the city and told us about it. Turns out the city manufactured weapons and food for the war.

"BANDITS AHEAD!" The conductor yelled.

Everyone drew their swords and braced for the fight. I drew a diamond sword while Matty pulled out a bow with TNT strapped to the front. When we reached out stop, everyone exited the train as quiet as possible. The bandits hadn't noticed us yet.

"We should try and get into strategic locations and ambush them" Patrick told the group.

"That's a horrible idea" Matty said angrily.

"Well you can do what you want" Patrick said, leading the group through the city.

Patrick led us through the city, sticking to the shadows. He periodically told someone to go to the top of a building or behind a barrel until it was just me and him. I was told to go hide behind a door. We all waited for patrick to give some kind of signal. Too late, a arrow flew into a building and started beeping. The arrow blew up leaving a crater in the building, I remained in my hiding places, occasionally assassinating bandits that came by.

Chapter 2Edit

The bandits all turned towards Matty and charged, he was clearly outnumbered. The archers were able to shoot some down but rarely got a clear shot. I moved in and started taking the bandits out while Patrick moved in with a pickaxe. I saw Matty ready another arrow and I dived backwards pushing Patrick out of the way. He shot the arrow at a nearby wall. It exploded, killing all the bandits but sent himself flying, crashing through the wall of a nearby building, giving him a concussion. We continued to plant TNT to blow up the building now that the bandits were gone.