Gladrian was one of the most recent people to join the server. He has played on the Vanilla Survival map and the Voltz server map. He is currently playing on this map.


He owns a 3 tree treehouse in the jungle which he shares with Kiben007 and Weltinator2 because he was stolen from by Matty12164. He has explored far across the server, discovering a jungle temple (he may have been a bit lost though). He owns a cat named Mrs. Snoodles.


Gladrian joined the Voltz server a few weeks after it was up. The result was that he was far behind everyone else. He journeyed to Peter's jungle hideout to join forces with him, only to discover that soon afterward, Peter's hideout had been burned and blown to the ground. Peter set up a new bunker far away somewhere else from spawn, and thanks to the Admin, Gladrian was able to be magically teleported to him. He helped Peter with constructing the bunker and the tech inside. He even made a basement with a plethora of machines and a mine in it. Unfortunately, Peter didn't like the basement, and he filled it in soon afterwards. Also unfortunately, Gladrian had logged out inside the basement, so, upon logging in, he suffocated in thousands of pounds of stone. He was a bit frustrated afterwards, and has not joined the game since.


-- I like sheep.