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This mod aims to add more villagers to Minecraft, while keeping a vanilla feel to the game.

Currently Implemented (Vanilla) VillagersEdit

  • Farmers:
    • Farmer
    • Fisherman
    • Shepherd
  • Butchers:
    • Butcher
    • Leatherworker
  • Blacksmiths:
    • Blacksmith
    • Armorer
    • Toolsmith
  • Librarians:
    • Librarian
  • Clerics:
    • Cleric

Added VillagersEdit

  • Farmers:
    • Carpenter- sells wooden stuff (Planks, Bowls, Ladders, Fences, Doors, Trapdoors)
    • Baker- sells Sugar, Bread, Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Cookies
    • Florist- sells various flowers
  • Butchers:
  • Blacksmiths:
    • Glassblower- buys Sand and Coal; sells Glass, Glass Panes, Stained Glass, Stained Glass Panes, Empty Bottles
    • Stonemason- buys Cobble; sells stone stuff (Smooth, Walls, various Bricks, Mossy, rare stones like Granite); will sell Sandstone variants if in Desert village
    • Brickmason- buys Clay and Clay Blocks; sells Bricks, Brick Blocks, Hardened Clay, Stained Hardened Clay
  • Librarians:
    • Cartographer- sells Compasses, Blank Maps, Filled Maps of semi-random locations, Treasure Maps (have a red X on them, leads to some kind of dungeon or structure)
  • Clerics:
    • Brewer- buys bottles and more common potion ingredients; sells potions and rarer potion ingredients
    • Exorcist- runs around turning Zombie Villagers back into Villagers

Added MechanicsEdit

  • Vanilla trades drastically changed; useless trades (like 10 gravel+emerald=1 flint) gotten rid of, lots of better trades added
  • Most Villagers will have trades to buy stuff from you about as often as they're selling, though some villagers don't have "buying" trades
  • Villagers consider Gold and Lapis as currency in addition to Emeralds, though all at different worths
  • Shepherds actually lead Sheep or Cows around

Structure ChangesEdit

  • Butchers actually have Cows, Pigs, or Chickens in their pens
  • Double slab in Smithy changed to Anvil
  • Smithy chest loot actually makes sense