Zach and Jacob EnderDragon

Zachabo53 (left) and Arceus543 (Right) running away from the ender dragon

Pirate Party

Party on the boat.


  • Weltinator: Patrick
  • Arceus: Jacob
  • Magic: Ann
  • Sir Lapis: Sam
  • Minerman: Jose

The StoryEdit

Chapter 1Edit

It was just an ordinary day on the Airship, Arceus and I had nothing to do... not to mention we were hopelessly lost. We decided to anchor the ship and set up a base. We built a sturdy base out of the last of our wood. Was this it, the end of Arceus and I? No it wasn't, we had to build to survive this time. Gathering wood, I saw a cave, and Arceus and I decided to venture inside. There was a ton of iron in the cave, we mined it and decided to upgrade our house. Arceus headed up to the Airship while I went to go look for a village. Unfortunatly, I found nothing, and headed back. When I came back, the Airship was docked by a lake and the house now had windows, and on the inside there were beds and a kitchen. We decided to go to bed when we heard the scream of a little girl. Frantic we ran out to investigate. Little did we know that we were being watched.

Chapter 2Edit

Sprinting as fast as we could, we rushed towards the sound. It kept getting louder and when we got to the person, we saw he was a teenager about my age. There were zombies all around him, so Arceus reached for his sword, the Blood Sucker, which was enchanted with Looting. I realized my sword was back at the house. After three went down, one of them dropped an iron sword. I picked it up, and found it was heavily damaged. Still, it was good enough to take down the last few zombies. Journeying back to the house we questioned the teenager. It turned out his name was Matty and he was lost from his village. We took him to the base and gave him a bed. My last thoughts before sleep were, We need to find that village.

Chapter 3Edit

I woke up to the smell of frying meat. I stumbled into the kitchen where I found Arceus cooking some pork chops. I found Matty sitting down in the corner. He was looking a lot better than he had last night. I looked outside and gave a mob report. All there was was one creeper, so I told Arceus. He nodded back but had a dull look on his face. I knew why: the ship wasn't doing well. It needed more diamonds, lava, and coal for fuel and repairs. I didn't say anything, but he wasn't looking well. Suddenly, in the middle of breakfast, there was a giant explosion from outside. Arceus rushed outside with his sword, and I grabbed my bow.

Chapter 4Edit

There were half a dozen people outside, all dressed in black clothing and holding TNT and flint and steel. Arceus yelled, "Protect the ship, it's our only method of escape!" Just then, Matty rushed outside with an iron sword. He started fighting the griefers with Arceus. "We're out numbered!" I shouted. Suddenly, a griefer in diamond armor showed up on a horse. It seemed like all hope was lost. Just then, a freak lightning storm started. Three of them got struck by lightning, leaving only two left plus the diamond armored one. Even with only three left, they were in the lead. Without armor, Matty was almost dead. Then, when all hope seemed lost, a figure appeared from the Airship. It threw some healing potions to us, then finished off the griefers. The figure then stepped out of the shadows and we saw who it was.

Chapter 5Edit

"WELTINATOR! You were told to stay at the port!", shouted Arceus. "Couldn't help myself. I knew you'd manage to get yourself in trouble without me.", Weltinator replied calmly. Weltinator was one of the crew members of the ship. He was the ship's cook, though he was some kind of adventurer before he joined the crew. I have to admit, I'd missed his pork chops and steak. Weltinator started talking to Arceus, something about... hydraulic screws and endermen. I did't interrupt their conversation, I just listened for the important details. That night I couldn't get to sleep. I decided to go for a walk outside. For some weird reason, there were tons of endermen. I brought my sword in case I had to fight. I stared up at the stars until I noticed that all the endermen started to get closer.

Chapter 6Edit

I drew my sword (Sharpness V) and started slicing. The endermen kept teleporting away, making it hard to kill them. After I banished them back to the End, I picked up a bunch of blue-green orbs they dropped. The orbs were like nothing I had ever seen. I took them back to the house to see if Weltinator or Matty knew anything about them. On the way back to the house, I heard weird whispers in my head. I don't remember exactly what they said, but it was something like "Seven days of storm and thunder, our Queen awakes from her long slumber, all shall feel the Dragon's woe, whether they be friend or foe." And sure enough, it was raining the next day.

Chapter 7Edit

Now that I was back at the house, I decided to ask Weltinator about the orbs. He swallowed and replied. "Those are ender pearls. They're a sort of power source that enderman use. I think I have a book on them." Weltinator went up into the Airship and about five minutes later, came back down. "Ah, here it is." Weltinator pulled out a dusty old book. I took it and went to my room to read it. It was titled, "The End: A Field Guide". In the book, I learned that not much is known about the End, but there was one useful piece of information. In the chapter about ender pearls, it said "Only use them in your time of need." I closed the book and gave it back to Weltinator.

Chapter 8Edit

I walked outside with one of the ender pearls, studying it. It was smooth, really smooth. I threw it up about a foot in the air and caught it. After about five times, Matty came up from behind and grabbed it from me. "Give it back!", I said, annoyed. Of course, he didn't give it back. Instead, he threw it as far as he could over a mountain. Suddenly, Matty vanished from thin air. Was I seeing things? No, I wasn't. Matty had disappeared.

Chapter 9Edit

I panicked. Matty had disappeared, so there was obviously something magical about the orb. I ran over to the hill where Matty had thrown it, and there he was, the ender pearl shattered at his feet. I took out the book and jotted the teleporting power down. Matty looked injured, so I asked him how he got hurt. He said, "I'm not sure, but I think the ball may have drained my life energy or something." I picked up the remains of the ender pearl and took them back to the house. What I didn't notice was that the shards had purple sparkles coming off of them.

Chapter 10Edit

When I got back to the house, Arceus had exciting news. I could tell because his hands were behind his back and he had a grin on his face. I asked him what he had, and he showed me. Behind his back he held a diamond pickaxe. He started swinging it around, almost destroying the table. I hadn't seen him this happy since he built the airship in the first place. But that wasn't it, he lead me down into the house and showed me what he had been working on: a nether portal. Shocked, I stepped towards it. I grasped my bow and stood in it. I felt my body swirling, and my bones tightening. Suddenly, there was a flash, and I was gone.

Chapter 11Edit

The temperature rose drastically. There was fire everywhere, not to mention the pools of lava. A few seconds later, Weltinator and Arceus came through. They had buckets and started maneuvering down to the lava. I knew why they needed it: the engine of the ship was running low. If we could get at least fifteen buckets of lava, we could travel for a week. I drew my sword. I had never been to the nether before (it was illegal to build nether portals), but I could tell it was dangerous. One false step, and game over for me. I carefully walked around the edge of a lava lake. That was when I saw it: a huge castle.

Chapter 12Edit

As I walked towards the castle, I heard something crying. I lowered my sword and walked towards the noise. The source of the crying was a huge, flying octopus! When it saw me, its eyes shot open and it opened its mouth. It then spat out a large fireball. I dove out of the way and it hit the castle. This happened about five times before the wall had an enormous hole in it. I ran through it, hoping the monster was too big. Boy, was I wrong. It came through and began to open its mouth. I backed up, but I was cornered. It spat. That's when something amazing happened.

Chapter 13Edit

The fireball was only two blocks away from my face when I swung my sword. Like magic, the fireball went back to the octopus and killed it. Feeling proud, I went to search its body. All I found was a crystalized tear drop. I was headed back when I realized I had forgotten which way I came from. I picked a direction and went that way. Ten minutes later, I found a group of people, or so I thought. Turns out there was a group of pigmen in the nether. They had rotting flesh and held golden swords. They looked at me and closed their eyes. Suddenly, I heard voices in my head. They said to keep going forward and I would be home. I nodded at them and went on my way. But before I left, they gave me a potion of fire resistance. I kept going on my way until a lava river stopped me. I drank the potion and swam across. There, I found the portal back to the overworld. I stepped through it and waited.

Chapter 14Edit

Back at the house, Arceus and Weltinator were partying. When they saw I was back, they told me the news. They had 30 buckets of lava, and had the airship up and running. We decided to dismantle the house and take our supplies in the airship. In total we had fifty-eight iron blocks, three iron bars, four beds, and seven stacks of wool. The airship had been badly burned by the griefers, so we replaced part of the bow with the iron blocks, and replaced the balloon with new wool. We promised Matty he could stay with us until we found his village. He agreed, and we set sail. The last I saw of the land was an enderman standing where the house was.

Chapter 15Edit

It was good to be back on the ship. I can't tell you how good of a sleep I had. When I woke up I headed straight to the kitchen for some yummy pork chops. Weltinator was looking happier than usual (he usually is fairly expressionless), and Arceus, well, he was great. Matty was down in the armory reading up on battle strategy. I looked down on the world below us and felt joyful when I saw all the pigs, sheep, and cows. We passed over a taiga and saw a small dirt shack. Wait! A shack? I told Arceus we needed to investigate. He stopped the ship but couldn't land. I climbed down the ladder to check it out. There was a small chest inside. There was also a crafting table and furnace. I peeked inside the chest to see what was in it. Nothing of value, just three arrows, a sapling, and a wooden pickaxe. There were also a few arrows in the wall. I knew how the owner had died. I was about to head back up to the airship when someone shouted for me. I looked behind me and saw someone in white clothes wearing a pumpkin on their head. The person took me inside and broke the furnace, revealing a lever.

Chapter 16Edit

I pulled the lever and a piston moved a block below me and I fell into a pool of water. All around me were iron blocks and there was tons of glowstone lighting the place. The person then took off her helmet revealing that she was a young girl about my age. I asked her if she knew of any villages around here. She said no and went to her bed and plopped down on it. I then asked her if she came from a village, this time she nodded. She didn't know much about it but all she did after that is give me a new set of diamond armor and showed me the exit. Before I left, she told me her name: "Maggie." So there I was, climbing up the ladder.

Chapter 17Edit

"Any clues about where the village is?" Arceus asked me. I told him what happened and he smiled. "A person. Huh, well that means there must be something around here." He added. I went up to the crows nest to look around. We went towards a mountain range and I saw a flock of sheep. We parked the ship to relax. I set up a picnic area and Weltinator brought out some steak with mushroom stew. I jumped off the hill into the lake. The water was warm, and there were squids floating around. I got out and dried off. I went to go gather some melons for the picnic and kept three to save for later. When I got back up the hill, everyone was almost done with their lunch. I passed out the melons. After lunch we got back into the ship to set sail for the forest up ahead.

Chapter 18Edit

In the forest, most of the trees were gone, and there were a few explosions. I told Arceus to look out for shacks or houses. I went down to ask Matty a few questions about the village. "How did you get separated from the village?" I asked him. He replied by saying, "I went out to adventure one day, and got lost, next thing I knew, I was gone." He went back up to the deck and looked over the side. He clearly didn't want to talk about it. With the forest under us, I saw a pack of wolves attacking a sheep. But the forest was getting thicker, and soon I couldn't see the bottom. Not to mention the moon was rising, and mobs were coming out.

Chapter 19Edit

We hovered the ship over the forest to get a good night sleep, but endermen kept teleporting onto the ship. I took out my sword and started attacking them. Each time we killed them they dropped an ender pearl. We now had thirty-one ender pearls in total. I didn't know what we would do with them so I just stashed them. As we approached a desert, day came upon us and lit up the ship. After a day in the desert. We landed the ship near an oasis and got some water. It was clear, and clean. We settled down for the night, thinking about the next day. The sand was hot against my back and the dry desert winds weren't helping either. I was lucky to get any sleep that night.

Chapter 20Edit

When I woke up, Arceus was already planning the day. I joined him and listened. We decided that I would walk on foot that day to look for any traces of other people. The airship flew above me, shading me as I walked. There was nothing so far, and I journeyed on into the desert. A few hours passed and there was still no sign of humans. Just then, I saw a temple. It had orange wool on the outside and was made out of sandstone. I went inside of it with my bow drawn, but there was no sign of life. I walked along the cold floor and heard the floor echo beneath me. I broke the wool dotting the floor. There was a small pressure plate at the bottom, and the wool just barely missed it as it fell. I mined a staircase down there to investigate. Before I touched the floor, I broke the pressure plate and mined under it. Of course TNT was under it. I took it, and checked the chest.

Chapter 21Edit

In total, there were six emeralds, three gold ingots, two iron, one diamond, and ten bones. I exited the temple and climbed up into the airship. When I found Arceus, I told him what I found. He looked really happy to see that I had discovered something. I added the emeralds to the collection and we continued adventuring, this time, I was on the airship. We continued traveling, until we found a village (not like the one we were looking for) and stopped. We checked the blacksmith chest for anything valuable, all there was was some iron horse armor, two apples, and six iron ingots. The village's leader came up to us and made us an offer we couldn't refuse.

Chapter 22Edit

"Please help us, every night we get attacked by monsters. If you help us, I will give you a map of the local area." We agreed, and started to build a wall around the village. We couldn't finish in time and the raid started. Wave after wave of monsters came, there were zombies, spiders, skeletons, and creepers as far as the eye could see. "There's too many!" Matty shouted. Weltinator replied, saying "We'll need to up our game." Weltinator then went into the airship, I didn't know what he was doing, but he was back out in less that two seconds. He got out four iron blocks and one of the pumpkins I had found. He stacked the iron in a T shape and placed a pumpkin on top. The pumpkin's eyes started to glow red and it came to life.

Chapter 23Edit

"An iron golem." I said in awe. It completely destroyed the monsters attacking the village. Soon the sun rose and we continued building that wall. By the end of the day, the wall was complete and the villagers were safe. True to their word, we got a map. "You should head north, as rumor has it that there is a temple deep within the jungle." We climbed in the airship and sailed towards the jungle. We anchored near the river and climbed out, our swords, bows, and potions at the ready. We walked for about half a day when we found it. It looked older than the jungle itself.

Chapter 24Edit

We walked in and carefully stuck together when we went down a flight of stairs. We decided to look around. "Matty and I will go this way, you and Arceus go that way to the puzzle." I said. Matty and I went to the hallway and started walking, Matty almost set off a tripwire but I stopped him. I destroyed all the wires I saw and continued to the end. The was a chest at the end and I peeked in it. After taking everything in the chest, I heard a boom from the side Arceus and Weltinator were in. I rushed back and asked what happened. "We gave up, so we decided to use TNT." Arceus said. "Fair enough. What's in the chest?" I asked. Back at the ship, we compared loot.

Chapter 25Edit

Five emeralds, two bones, three diamonds, and one gold. We stashed the loot in our chests and continued towards the village. While Arceus was driving, I watched over the side. Suddenly, three ender pearls came up onto the ship. They broke and three familiar faces showed up. It was the griefers from before. One had flint and steel. I attacked him and knocked it out of his hand. It flew over the side and he drew his sword. I pulled out my sword and hit him as hard as I could. He stumbled back, and fell off of the ship, landing in a pool of lava. The other two were fighting the rest of the crew. Matty had to retreat back inside to avoid death. Weltinator was out of potions, but Arceus took out another griefer. Now there was only the diamond armored one left.

Chapter 26Edit

Arceus couldn't defend himself well and I knew what I had to do. I drew my bow and shot my last arrow. It soared past Arceus and hit the griefer's head. He flew off the ship and landed on a patch of stone. His armor cracked in half. We had won the battle and would no longer be bothered by them. We celebrated over some champagne. We stopped the ship over a taiga and built a nether portal, we had fifteen buckets of lava left and we wanted more. We build the portal and stepped inside. Weltinator and I journeyed through a castle that we saw until we found a spawner. An orangish humanoid creature popped out of it and Weltinator threw down a splash potion of fire resistance. We fought them until we got bored. We went back into portal and stashed our blaze rods.

Chapter 27Edit

The next day was boring, we anchored the ship and mined some ores. Back on the ship we converted all of our ores into blocks. We once again upgraded the bow and finished it. We used the rest to upgrade the sides of the ship. We continued on and chopped some trees down as we went, I turned it into sticks and then into fences. I added railings to the ship to be more safe. We turned our emeralds into blocks and split them up evenly. I now had eight blocks of emerald.

Chapter 28Edit

As we were sailing, a lot of the trees were missing. We saw a house and stopped by it. Arceus and I went to the house to see if someone lived there. I told him to take off his armor to show we meant peace. The was a man living inside of the house. We asked him if he knew about any villages around here and if he knew how to get to them. To our excitement, he said the village was about a day away. We asked him If we could park our ship here. He happily agreed and said we could park it next to the lake. We grabbed our supplies and headed in that direction. We brought thirty-two emeralds, our armor, our weapons, a map, and some food.

Chapter 29Edit

We trailed through the woods passing many dirt shacks and half cut down trees. After half of the day had passed, we stopped and ate some lunch, which was bread soaked in mushroom stew made by Weltinator. It was delicious, and I had some pork chops on the side. After lunch, we kept traveling toward the village and a day later we still didn't see it. We went to bed in a shack we found. The next day we went over a hill and saw the village.

Chapter 30Edit

The village was amazing, it had huge iron walls and guard towers. It had a moat with a stone bridge. We went inside, the inside was even better. Huge iron buildings, quartz mansions, and market places. But that wasn't the best part. In the center of the village, there was a huge castle. We walked to the castle and stepped inside. It was ruled by Princess Magic, she was no older than me, but ruled the entire village. When she saw us, she called us over and asked us why we came. We told her about our adventure, from finding Matty, to protecting a village. She seemed impressed and said, "Ah, Matty, you've been missing so long, we thought you were dead." She then asked us if we could do something for her. It sounded dangerous, but we agreed.

Chapter 31Edit

"This city is built on top of an ancient stronghold. No one has dared to go in it, but there is supposedly a portal in the center of it that leads to who knows where. I need you guys to go in and see what's on the other side of the portal, if it even exists." We agreed and asked where it was. "Under the palace, you will find the entrance, but be careful. And one more thing. May I come with you guys?" "Sure." I said. And that was that. Here we are, about to go on an adventure that could mean life or death.

Chapter 32Edit

We went under the castle and walked into the stronghold. There was a chest not too far from the entrance. There was an orb like an ender pearl but it was lime green and was glowing, and had a cat-like eye on it. I held onto it and it seemed to grow brighter as we got closer to the portal. It was a good thing to have, because the entire thing was a maze. We ran into a few chests, they each had a few golden apples. After a while, we finally found the portal. It wasn't activated. It looked like I had the key to open it. I placed my orb down and the portal glowed. On the count of three, we all jumped.

Chapter 35Edit

We appeared on an obsidian island separated from an island floating in the void. I took out sixteen ender pearls and teleported us to the main island. There were endermen everywhere. They all looked at us and we heard a loud roar. Magic and Weltinator pulled out potions. Arceus and Matty drew their swords. I drew my bow and waited. A large dragon appeared and I shot it with my bow. It flew up high and healed itself via an orb. I asked Magic if she had any ladders I could borrow. She gave me a stack and I used them to climb up to the orb. Arceus and Weltinator followed me as I climbed up. I attacked the orb and it exploded. I was thrown off the tower and landed on a different one. I ate a golden apple and attacked the second orb. Arceus and Weltinator did the same with the rest of the orbs. When all of the orbs were gone, we attacked the endermen. I noticed Weltinator had drawn a silver sword that was much more effective than our iron and diamond ones. After the endermen were all gone, it was time to fight the dragon.

Chapter 36Edit

Magic and I climbed one of the towers and I shot the dragon. The dragon then went towards Arceus and Matty. They slashed at the dragon as it came by, but were badly hurt. Magic used an ender pearl to teleport over to them. She healed them and came back. Weltinator used a splash potion to damage it, then shot a flaming arrow into its eye. Once it was down to half health it roared in some language I couldn't understand and a cloud of purple smoke began swirling around it. After the smoke had disappeared, we noticed that the dragon was gone too, but there was a portal that led to the castle at the center of the island. We got back to the castle and saw something horrifying: the dragon was in the village.

Chapter 37Edit

I shot the dragon repeatedly and went down outside the village near the bridge. A player greeted me at the bridge, calling himself Minerman. Suddenly, the Ender Dragon swooped by and snapped him up in its jaws. Arceus caught up to me and sliced the Ender Dragon. It didn't like that. The Ender Dragon soared through the bridge, collapsing the bridge as it chased us. We saw Magic standing on top of the castle, casting a golden glow. She was hovering and chanting something in a similar language to what the Ender Dragon had roared in. The dragon charged towards her and was twenty blocks away when she released a massive amount of energy. The Ender Dragon dissolved into a million pieces, and dropped an egg where it was. Magic took the egg and brought it into the castle to study it. Weltinator stood over the pieces, with an expression I could only describe as a combination of victory and sadness. I thought I heard him say, "Goodbye, Mother.", but I couldn't have heard it right.

Chapter 38Edit

We met Magic in the castle. When she saw us, she thanked us greatly. She rewarded us with gold, emeralds, and diamonds. She also let us build in the city. I built a wizard school, Arceus built an Archery School, and Weltinator assisted in the making of Magic's Alchemy Tower and Library. Magic brought Minerman back to life and healed him. But alas, we had to go. We weren't going far, but we were going to build our own city, not far from Magic's city. Our schools were already there, and we needed to build some walls. I'm thinking of hiring a legendary builder, I think his name was something like... Sir Lapis.

Pirate Party

Party on the Airship.


  • Zach's Wizard School is on a different server, along with Arceus's Archery school.
  • Ann's Alchemy tower is on her server.
  • Arceus's Airship was on ann's server
  • Jacob has a deep hatred for Matty because Matty griefed his airship.