Ann's Hotel and Gardens was located on Ann's Island on the Tekkit map. It had a huge garden/farm which was created mostly using IC2 Cross Breeding. It also had a 5 story-5 star hotel. It was primarily used by members of the Magic Faction, although Sam also used the hotel. While the entire island was supposedly neutral, the hotel was in fact a secret base for the Magic Faction and many of the products of the garden (e.g. netherwart, pumpkins) were shipped off to Magic Faction facilities to be used in magic-based weapons (e.g. potions, golems) or just for food or EMC.

Vanilla Survival RealmEdit

Ann has rebuilt her Hotel and Gardens on the Realm. It is still located on Ann's Island, and currently consists of Ann's personal home and office, a guest house with two suites, a wheat field, a sugar cane farm, and a number of exotic Acacia trees.